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Three months before the big day, Emily is wrought with anxiety as she tries to plan her wedding without any help from her busy and distracted fiancé, Matt. Things go from bad to worse when Matt, without consulting Emily, invites an old childhood friend to live with them. Emily knows she is in big trouble from the moment she (accidentally) tries to kill this intimidating Navy SEAL.  

As Jackson gently befriends Emily, she realizes how lonely her life has been. Why is Matt becoming increasingly erratic in his behavior and why is he so angry all the time?  

Despite Matt’s distant and cold behavior, Emily is desperate to keep her carefully-planned future on track, while fighting her own feelings that Jackson arouses within her. A harmless little crush never hurt anyone….right? But people do get hurt when her secret feelings are exposed for the world to see.  

Emily must learn to stand on her own two feet, summon the fortitude and confidence to follow her heart and make a choice that could change the course of her future.  

This full-length 86,000 word Navy SEAL & virgin romance is part one of a two part book series. It is intended for mature audiences. 

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After exposing her secret to a church full of wedding guests, both Jackson and Matt leave Emily standing unmarried and alone at the altar. But that doesn’t mean that neither of them will offer her a future.  

With a baby on the way, now Emily must decide what to do next.  

Matt professes to love her, but he also loves her bank account. He is the safe choice, but the idea of spending the rest of her life with Matt leaves Emily feeling uncertain.

Jackson is the one who has stolen her heart, but everything he is offering her is out of a sense of duty, not love. Why won’t he let anyone get close to his heart? Can she really choose a future with someone who doesn’t have feelings for her?

Emily needs to focus on her future, but the past is creating a lot of havoc. Matt, Jackson and Irene are keeping so many secrets, and the more she digs, the more complicated things become. Emily wants her happily ever after and that requires a leap of faith. Her only request?

Please don’t crush my heart.

This full-length 80,000 word Navy SEAL & virgin romance is part two of a two-part book series. It is intended for mature audiences.