Project Description

High Risk Rookie

He’s a gifted hockey player who can’t get his act together. 

The moment I heard about Levi Ziegler, I had a bad feeling in my gut.

As a seasoned sports agent, I just knew he was going to be trouble.

But despite my reservations, as a favor to the GM of the Vancouver Wolves,

I agreed to sign this young, wild player as a client.

One reckless night,

One terrible mistake, 

and suddenly my entire world, 

and everything I have worked for, 

is on thin ice.  

Thanks to my rookie.  

I shouldn’t work with him professionally,

because I can’t seem to keep my hands off him.  

The more tangled our lies get, 

The more complicated our relationship becomes.

Can I figure out how to get him signed with the team, 

while keeping him out of my bed and my heart?  

He’s a high risk rookie, and 

he’s a liability I can’t resist.

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