My fiance's brother: part one

A secret crush never hurt anyone, right?


My fiance’s brother: book 1

Some secrets are too big to keep

I tried to kill my new houseguest.  

Jackson Hunter walked into my loft, without warning, and I tried to take him out with my 7 iron. How was I supposed to know my fiancé, Matt, had invited his old childhood friend to live with us?  

The last thing I need is a big, intimidating, hard-to-read Navy SEAL houseguest. I am in wedding planning hell, and my unhelpful fiancé, Matt, is behaving increasingly erratic.  

I have so many questions. Why is Matt acting cold and distant? Why won’t either of these men talk about the dark secret they share? And what color should I choose for my wedding? 

I’m valiantly hanging onto my future, trying to get Matt and myself over the finish line (our wedding day) but things are getting complicated. Jackson makes me aware of things I’m not yet willing to admit – I’m lonely, hurt and afraid of how my relationship is failing.  

I’m the good girl you bring home to your mom. I’m the virgin, saving myself for marriage. I want my happy ending.  

So why is everything falling apart?  

I once had a secret crush on a guy named Jackson. Odette Stone

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