Beautiful Russian Monster

He’s the only thing standing between me and my worst nightmare.

Coming January 2

Beautiful Russian Monster

You’ve never met anyone like Viktor.

When my grandfather, a shipping tycoon, went missing,

I quickly discovered that there are some problems

that money can’t solve.  

And this frightening situation was one of them. 


I didn’t think things could possibly get worse,

but then I woke up.

To a monster standing over me.

With his hand covering my mouth.


My reluctant captor, Viktor,

with his clipped Russian accent and scary looking guns,

operates with military precision.

Don’t even get me started on his rules.


As he drags me across the globe,

we are plunged into a dark world that is

filled with danger and violence.


But the conflict we are rushing towards,

isn’t what scares me.

What truly terrifies me,

is how this man is starting to make me feel. 


My beautiful Russian monster. 

He’s the only thing standing

between me and my worst nightmare. 

And I’m not sure that we will survive. 


Viktor doesn't start fights - but he always finishes them. Odette Stone

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