My fake fiance

Whatever you do, don’t fall in love


My Fake Fiance

Whatever you do, don’t fall in love

My name is Beth Stirling, and I’m an anti-socialite.
While the rest of the world,
is trying to get into my parent’s inner circle.
I’ve spent my life trying to escape it.
But life outside of that privileged bubble is a struggle.
My relationship ended after my boyfriend cheated on me.
I was fired by my boss because she was the other woman.
I moved from his penthouse to a horrible one-bedroom.
And now I’m being coerced into helping my dad’s political campaign.  
Porter, a Navy SEAL, came into town to get his ex-girlfriend back.  
In an unfortunate turn of events, while he bailed me out of jail,
I forced him to be play the part of my fake boyfriend.
But I might have been pushing it, 
when I announced him as my fake fiancé to the entire world.
As my lies intertwine us — the mess I’m making is getting bigger.
It’s getting harder and harder, to tell what is real
and what is fake.  
But when things take a dangerous turn, 
There is only one person I want to turn to for protection.
Whatever you do, don’t fall in love.

Writing Porter made me happy. Odette Stone

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