My fiance's brother: part one

A secret crush never hurt anyone, right?


My fiance’s brother

Some secrets are too big to keep

Not yet willing to admit that my relationship is on the brink of doom, 
I keep my head firmly planted in wedding planning hell.
Matt, my fiancé, is just distracted. He’s busy at work.
And if I could just pick my bridal colors, 
I’m sure everything will get back on track.
I don’t know why he is acting so distant and erratic.
And why did he invite his big, intimidating, 
hard-to-read, Navy SEAL friend, Jackson, to live with us?
What is the secret they’re keeping from me?
I’m valiantly hanging onto my fairytale future, 
and single-handedly trying to get Matt and myself
down the aisle.
But things are getting complicated.
Jackson makes me aware of things.
Things I’m not yet willing to admit.
Like the fact that I’m lonely and hurt, 
and afraid that Matt isn’t the man I want to marry.
I’m the good girl.  
I’m the one you bring home to your mom.  
I’m the virgin saving myself.
And no matter what, 
I’m going to get my happy ending.

I once had a secret crush on a guy named Jackson. Odette Stone

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