My fiance's brother: part two

Please don’t crush my heart


My fiance’s brother

Please don’t crush my heart

After I dropped my bombshell secret in front of a full church, 
Both Jackson and Matt left me standing at the altar.
No one saw any of this coming.  
Especially not me.  
I’m about to become a single mom.  
And my future is no longer just about me, 
or what I want.  
I need to put my unborn baby’s needs first.
Matt professes to love me.
He is the safe, proper choice, 
offering us a future filled with sunny holidays, stability and 
a safe commitment. 
Everything Jackson offers me, 
comes from a place of duty, not love.
Why won’t this man let me get close to his heart?
Can I face a future that promises nothing but uncertainty and heartache?
I’m not always good, and perhaps, your mom wouldn’t approve.
But I’m going to find a life that’s right for my baby, 
And no matter what,
I’m going to make sure my child gets a happy ending.
Even if it feels like that choice will break my heart.

You never forget your first book boyfriend. Odette Stone

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